We’ve got some great suits for you!

OK, take a look at the great fabrics that have been coming from Europe, the Americas,

Good Cuts Result in Good Looks

You don’t need the most expensive super 200s Superfine fabrics, Look at the great selection we have in-store for our loyal customers. Remember, the most expensive cloth does not create the best suit, its the tailor that makes the difference! A great tailor can make any fabric look good on you.


In the next few posts we will be mentioning about the following topics

  • Threadcount
  • Weight of the fabric 250gms-400gms
  • Brand-name mills vs private label mills vs generic mills
  • Shirts-cuff should cover the wrists, and beginning of base of thumb

How long do I need to get something done

Depending on the time-frame, complexity of the job,  we usually take 1 fitting to get your shoulders fit sorted out and complete within 3 weeks,

Cheongsam, Qipao

We do these services as well, by our very own long time employee who is a dressmaking expert, Angela. However this is bespoke and will take at least 1 month to complete.