Suit for Business

Suit up
The suit is the centrepiece of every gentleman’s wardrobe.  It instils a sense of class in the composure of those who dons on the appropriate piece for the occasion. It has come a long way since the 19th century and an indulgence of those who appreciate the quality of fabric, effort and skill placed into the craft.

  1. The difference in physique of every wearer render an imperfect fit most of the time. Machine-made suits will always look “off” due to this reason.
  2. Mass production methods often include the process of gluing parts of the suit that may cause it to lose shape after a while.
  3. There is a lack of choice and power over customisation. Customers forgo the stylistic choice in dressing apart from the standard grey-pinstripes, navy suit combinations

Everyday wear
So what now?

A dedicated tailor will help you find a combination of fabrics and cutting that will create an effect, a garment worth your time and money. Therefore how good you look becomes a priority of the tailor, because it reflects well on his skills. With the plethora of choices between styles of cuts, fabric and finish it is possible to find something for everyone’s taste.

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