Look sharp

For every occasion

Fabrics of quality

Down to the tiniest detail

Tailoring With Great Workmanship

Long lasting, high workmanship products that our Clients are proud to wear
Select Tailors have been in business for over 40 years. Our team has been working together to give great products to customers, long lasting, high workmanship products they are proud to wear


Original and Unique to Your Body Shape

What we do


Custom made

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they love to wear. So make this suit yours. Tell us how we can craft your next favourite garment just for you.


When it comes to dealing with the good stuff, we don't mess around. Select from a range of fabrics of the highest quality. You'll have trouble picking out your favourite.


Along with different style of cuts, we offer a myriad of high quality accessories to complete your outfit.

In a rush?

Only in the country for a day or two? Fret not. Call us beforehand and book an appointment. We'll make sure the tailor's in when you arrive and ship our finished work to wherever you are.

Tiniest of details

We are only happy to have extra fitting appointments to make sure our work suits you. To refine every detail, we'll go the extra mile.


Select Tailors is one of the oldest members of the Singapore Master Tailors' Association. Our master tailors know their stuff.
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